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We specialize in individual giving.

Wondering whether we can help with your specific fundraising question? Here’s a quick overview of challenges we’ve helped folks tackle in the past!


Sustainable Fundraising Planning

We know an organization-wide fundraising plan helps build accountability, fosters transparent board communications, and allows organizations clarity in evaluating and forecasting revenue holistically, rather than one campaign at a time.

We also know you already have a lot on your plate. We can help you build a plan that fits your actual - not aspirational - capacity, and gets you where you want to go… sustainably!

Executive and professional fundraising coaching

Good coaching isn’t set in stone around one or two specific topics. Whether you’re a development professional looking to develop your overall fundraising skill set, a new board member who’s just learning the ropes, or in a leadership position which requires you to fundraise, we’ll tailor our coaching to your professional development goals.

Fundraising Culture

How would you describe your organization’s fundraising culture? Do you work from a mindset of abundance or scarcity? Need help navigating a tricky relationship with a donor or board member?  Find yourself feeling gross about asking folks for money, but you’re not sure why?

An organization’s fundraising culture plays a crucial role in their success (or lack thereof), and we’re here to help you through those tough conversations.

A to Z on Individual Giving

Our team has raised money from individuals and developed strategies for a wide variety of causes across Minnesota and the United States, from small all-volunteer organizations to higher education and national social movements.

We are energized by fundraising and love sharing that energy and expertise with others! If you’re looking for support with just about anything related to building relationships with individual donors for your cause, it’s likely that we’ve seen it before and can help you out.

Infrastructure building

It’s not sexy, but sometimes all you need is help organizing your donor information. How do you track your people? How do I get donor information out of my Executive Director’s mind, and into a database? How do I create a solid fundraising infrastructure that’s transparent, user-friendly, and accurate? How should I be using my time? We’ll help you build the framework you need to get going!

Examples of group presentations

Major Gifts for Small Shops
Donor Relationships 101
From Crisis to Campaign
Choosing Your Database
Story, People, Asking: Fundraising Basics for
Small Arts Organizations
Time, Data, and Culture
Planning Your Year
You Are Not My Friend: Safety in Fundraising

Don’t see your specific area of support listed above? We want to hear from you!

Whereas the topics listed above are the greatest hits of fundraising, chances are high that your question isn’t a one hit wonder! If you’d like support around any area of individual fundraising, we’d love to work with you!

Where we’re not your best bet.

Looking for help with grantwriting, corporate giving, foundations, networking, governance, finance help, or free workshops? These aren’t our areas of expertise, but there are other sector-supporting organizations you may want to check out!

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