A GiveMN Initiative

How We Do It


How we coach

We start with deep listening.

Coaching isn’t about solving your problem for you. Coaching is about deep listening.

It’s about asking questions about everything you do, kicking the tires, thinking about the hard questions you’ve been wishing you had the time and space to address, and listening deeply to help you find the right answers for you.

When you work with a RaiseMN coach, you’ll probably hear us ask at least a few questions like this:

  • Who are your donors, and what do they love?

  • What else is going on at your organization right now? What is already on your plate?

  • Has that worked for you in the past?

  • What does your data say about that?

  • Who else could we ask for help?

  • If you didn’t continue this, how would you be using your time?

  • How would you describe your nonprofit’s fundraising culture?

We believe we can make the most of our time together when we explore solutions to these questions which amplify your strengths, identify room to grow, and dig into things you take for granted.

What you’ll bring to the table.


You are the experts about your organization’s mission and donors, and we’re here to help coach you through areas where you just need an extra spark or new idea.

For us, coaching means listening to your needs, creating a plan of action together, and helping you and your team be equipped for success long into the future. Coaching isn’t about prescribing a solution or doing the work for you, but being by your side during our work together.

Here's what we ask you to bring to the table during our time together:

  • Willingness to be coached: to be vulnerable, to try new things, and to be candid and honest

  • A desire to answer hard questions, and ask hard questions

  • The capacity and willingness to create time and space to follow through with what we’ve learned together

We have a special expertise in small- to medium-sized fundraising shops. Through a coaching model, we work to build fundraising capacity alongside new expertise.