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A customized learning and coaching curriculum


The RaiseMN Campaign Institute

Since 2015, GiveMN board and staff have been examining and researching a critical gap for small to medium-sized nonprofits in our community – the capacity to build sustainable strategies and infrastructure around their overall fundraising needs. Over the past two years, we have been working to identify these needs, through research and conversations with organization leaders and funders, and determining if GiveMN could pilot a model to assist nonprofits with building lasting capacity around their fundraising efforts. 

69% of Minnesota nonprofits are not confident that their current fundraising strategy is meeting the demands of their missions.

RaiseMN is our pilot program designed to meet these needs.

Our research uncovered a clear need in the nonprofit community to build more fundraising capacity and strategies. We surveyed hundreds of Minnesota nonprofits over the past two years, finding 40% of organizations relied on volunteers alone to fundraise and an additional 32% had only one staff member charged with raising money (often among many facets of their job description). Overall, 69% of respondents said they are not confident that their current fundraising strategy is meeting the demands of their missions.

RaiseMN is not a one-size-fits-all program like a conference workshop or online webinar—instead, organizations and coaches will design a collaborative learning curriculum and campaign that leverages the resources and opportunities of the participants.  

Thanks to generous support from Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations, RaiseMN focused its inaugural year in the Twin Cities East Metro, and is expanding to serve more nonprofits in our second year thanks to the continued support of SPMCF, and additional support from F.R. Bigelow Foundation and the Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation.


Three components to the RaiseMN Campaign Institute

Expert coaching

Through the RaiseMN Campaign Institute, nonprofits will be paired with expert fundraising coaches to assess their current fundraising strategies and identify areas for growth. Coaches and organizations will explore ways to maximize use of their current systems, and will identify tools such as email marketing, social media, data management and fundraising platforms to expand and solidify their fundraising infrastructure. With their coach, nonprofits will build and scale fundraising management tailored to the needs and strengths of each organization.


customized training

In addition to the support of their coach, Campaign Institute participants will take part in workshops with their peer organizations to build upon existing skills as they enact their new strategy and infrastructure, from marketing and communications and technical best practices to data management. Through these workshops, participants will also share progress with each other to build relationships through the process.


hands-on fundraising campaign with a $10,000 matching gift

The RaiseMN Campaign Institute will culminate with a live fundraising campaign, co-created by organizations and their coaches. These campaigns, either expanding on a previous fundraiser or creating a new one, will allow participants to use new skills, strategies and tools live with the guidance of RaiseMN, and are eligible for a matching gift of up to $10,000.


Learn more about our plans to scale the RaiseMN Campaign Institute into the future.